Villagers coming to the Kirkpinar usually came to the Kirkpinar as a group, and they were leaded by their Village Aghas. They present the awards collected in the name of their villages to the Kirkpinar Agha. These awards are mainly livestock such as rams, sheep, camels, calves and horses. Influential people coming from cities and towns leave cash under the carpet of Kirkpinar Agha as a tradition. Kirkpinar Agha gives these gifts of livestock and cash to the pehlivans as an award according to their degrees. He also pays for all the expenditures resulting from oil wresting tournament lasting three days and nights, hosting of pehlivans and guests. Paying for all these expenditures is an honor and nobility for the Kirkpinar Agha.


Livestock coming as awards from the villages were distributed to pehlivans as a winning award in the following way: For example, a ram or two sheep were awarded to the champion wrestlers of Deck Small and Deck Medium category. A camel was awarded to the champion wrestler of Deck Big category. A pair of bullocks or a two-year old colt or prize money in value of these animals was awarded to the head wrestler of the tournament by Kirkpinar Agha.

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