This year's Kirkpinar Festival week is between on 18-24 July 2016!


Kirkpinar in General
The Rise of Kirkpinar Wrestling
The Place of Kirkpinar and its Moving to Edirne
In Which Period of The Year is Kirkpinar Wrestling Organized?

Kirkpinar Terms
Kirkpinar Agha, Wrestler, Prelude, Announcer
Greaser, Drum and Horn...

Kirkpinar Agha
The Duties and the Authorities of Kirkpinar Aghas
The Clothing of Agha

List of Kirkpinar Aghas

The Pehlivan (Wrestler)
Categories of Wrestling
Head Wrestling
Who can Attend Kirkpinar?

List of Head Wrestlers

The Announcer (Cazgir)
The Duties of  Cazgir

Greasers and Cloth Men
The indispensables of Kirkpinar

Tower Referees
Field Referees

The Concepts Which from Kirkpinar
Getting Greased, Foreplay, Wrestler's Tights (Kispet)
Zembil, The Kirkpinar Prayer..

The Concepts Which from Kirkpinar (Part 2)
Drum and Horn, Gold Belt, The Red Candle

Photos of Kirkpinar House

The Games Related to The Greased Wrestling
The Rules, The Tactics, Wining and Losing

Greased Wrestling Tricks and Games
Attack and Defence Tricks

Definitions of the Tricks




eXTReMe Tracker



Photos & Rankings

652nd Kirkpinar Festival (2013)
651th Kirkpinar Festival (2012)

650th Kirkpinar Festival (2011)

The Wrestler Guide
Greased Wrestling Organization
Wrestling Federation

The Wrestler Guide (Part 2)
Continuation of The Wrestler Guide

Visitor Guide
Kirkpinar in Edirne City

A little nostalgia about Kirkpinar

The field of Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Tournament

Preparation of the oil wrestling matches

The start of the tournament and horse racing


Meeting the guests coming to the Kirkpinar

Referee council in Kirkpinar

The sale of the title of Kirkpinar Agha

The last Kirkpinar aghas of past Kirkpinars

Estimated establishment date of Kirkpinar

                      wrestling photos

Famous wrestlers of Kirkpinar

Kel (Bald) Alico

Koca Yusuf (Yusuf, the Great)

Adali Halil

Kurtdereli Mehmet

Oil Wrestling Videos

Official March of Kirkpinar


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