Edirne Sarayici of Turkey is the perfect place to witness live yagli gures (Oil wrestling)

Kirkpinar (Forty Springs) is the place where our ancestral sport, oil wrestling's heart beats. Although oil wrestling tournaments are organized in many parts of our country, none of them substitute for the oil wrestling tournament held in Kirkpinar.

Kirkpinar in Edirne

Oil wrestling tournament held in Sarayici, Edirne every year in the last days of June starts with a visit to graves of world famous oil wrestlers. Various activities are organized by the Municipality of Edirne within the framework of the oil wrestling tournament.


The City lives the most active days in terms of tourism during this period.
In the historical Kirkpinar oil wrestling tournament, if the tournament will last only one day depending on the number of matches, the matches start at 10:00 a.m. If the tournament will last two or three days, then the oil wrestling matches of the tournament for the first day of the tournament begin at 14:00 p.m. Starting time of the second and third day of oil wrestling matches is announced by the tower referee council. For the last matches of the second and third day of the tournament, necessary measures to complete the matches before sunset are taken, and the conclusion of the matches before sunset is ensured. In special cases, the matches start in the hours arranged by tower referee council and organization committee.

For the visitors who will come to Edirne to watch oil wrestling tournament, they are advised to reserve their accommodation in Edirne in advance and buy their tickets earlier in order to enjoy the fantastic oil wrestling matches.


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