Without Them, Kirkpinar is nothing

Kirkpinar cannot be thought without agha, wrestler without prelude, announcer without prays and drums without horn. Surviving of Kirkpinar for centuries without losing anything from its origin has been provided by perpetuating these customs and values.

The most important person of the Kirkpinar wrestling is the Kirkpinar Agha without a shadow of doubt. He gives a novel touch to Kirkpinar with his specially arranged costume during wrestling. Kirkpinar cannot be thought without him.


Before wrestling, the graves of great world wrestlers are visited; their prayers are said, the opening chapter of the Koran… Than, wrestlers come to the field of contest for brave men, they start to prepare for wrestling.

Before starting to wrestle they need to grease themselves well; the greaser pour grease from their ewers unto the wrestlers… Than, the announcer appears and starts to tell (Bald) Kel Aliço, (Great) Koca Yusuf, (Islander) Adali Halil, Kurtdereli… And he tells the soul of Kirkpinar by making the eyes weep. He finishes his story with a pray; Allah Allah, illallah; Alkislarla diyelim Masallah! The wrestling passes fighting savagely accompanied by drum and horn. As the strength of the wrestling increases, the sound of the drum increases, too.

Giving a cloth to clean the grease on the eyes is the job of the cloth men; right management is the duty of both the field referee and the tower referee.

In the final, two brave men wrestle with each other; but only one of them becomes the wrestling champion.

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