The Last Kirkpinar Aghas of Past Traditional Kirkpinars

In the Kirkpinars prior to Balkan Wars and the early years after the Balkan wars, the following people served as the Kirkpinar Aghas: Pehlivan Halil from Kor Umit  Village, and his pehlivan sons Ali and Sait, Haci Hussein Agha, Haci Hassan Oglu from Sadirli Village, Ahmet Agha nicknamed lawyer from Seymen Village, Gendarme Hasan Agha, a clerk in a bank Mehmet effendi from Orta Village, Tahir Agha from Tabahana, Edirne, Famous Adali Halil pehlivan. In the last Kirkpinar during Balkan Wars and prior to settlement of new borders, Halil Agha from Ducaariz Village, Mehmet Agha and Eşref Agha opened the Kirkpinar together and became Kirkpinar Aghas.

Due to abandonment of the original Kirkpinar oil wrestling field to Bulgarians after Balkan Wars, the first tournament during World War I was held in the town Viran Tekke placed between Edirne and Mustafa pasha road. Thereafter, with the initiatives of  Rasim Effendi, Kavaf Recep Effendi, Tailor Evoked Effendi, Cubukcu Rasim Çavuş, Mehmet Effendi from Bedestenli, Kiyikli Riza Effendi of Edirne Child Protection board, Kirkpinar oil wrestling tournament is moved to Sarayici, Edirne. They also allocated the revenues of the tournament to Child Protection Agency.


Sarayici Square being the property of the Edirne Municipality, Edirne Municipality took the control of today's Kirkpinar oil wrestling tournament in the following years.

The security measures taken during the old Kirkpinar tournaments were as follows: During the tournament, the security measures taken by the government were close to none. A gendarmerie petty officer or officer would come to the tournament due to the field in which the matches took place belonged to Ortakoy Town. This security officer was acting just a normal spectator among the spectators. The spectators of this tournament lasting for three days and nights were spending their time by watching the oil wrestling matches and shopping from nearby vendors. Some spectators were staying awake until morning in order to watch some entertainment activities. No instance of any security incident was reported during the tournament. Good manners and maturity seen as a tradition by the public were ensuring the security and safety of the tournament. Spectators would not disturb each other and watch the matches comfortably from their tents. Nobody would close the view of spectators and disturb them. Spectators were treated with respect.

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