Meeting the Guests Coming to the Kirkpinar


When the incoming guests arrived to the area called Selim's grave, the spotter over there signals to the spotter in Kirkpinar by waving the flag at his hand. The spotter waiting in the Kirkpinar signals to drum players when he received the signal from the spotter set up in the area called Selim's grave. Drum and shrill pipe players met the incoming guests and put a beautiful colt covered with a red cloth in front of the incoming guests. This act was an expression of respect shown to incoming guests. This act also shows that incoming guests bring with themselves awards and gifts equal in value to this colt. Following the meeting of incoming guests by drum and shrill pipe player, the group proceeds to the Kirkpinar in the order that drum players in front, shrill pipe players, the colt, and incoming guests following each other. The group enters to the Kirkpinar field in this order. Drum players accompany the guests to the tent of Kirkpinar Agha. If the villagers or Village Agha brought with themselves a livestock animal as an award, these animals were taken to the Kirkpinar Agha's tent by being driven in front of the guests. Kirkpinar Agha meets the guests. Guests were being seated on sofas covered with carpets and prayer rugs in Kirkpinar Agha's tent. Drum player were given tips. Following the drinking of coffee and smoking of cigarette as a show of hospitality, guests were ushered to guest tents by Kirkpinar Agha's men. Following this meeting ceremony, guests were free to sit in places such as coffee houses, their tents, etc. according to their own wishes.

The area called Selim's grave is a Kirkpinar legend. The people narrate this legend in the following way: Once upon a time, two pehlivan came to the place of this grave during their wrestling continuing from morning to the evening. Finally, their strength and endurance collapse, and both of them die at this place. People put these two pehlivans to the grave on the spot they die. Referring to the name of one of these pehlivans, this place has been called Selim's grave from then on.

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