The Referees Have the Last Word

After the wrestling contests, to decide the results of the denials and the contests is the duty of the tower referees.

Tower Referees

It is a custom that the agha chooses the referee, the announcer and the other people on duty. But because the Edirne municipality has been undertaking the organization of the wrestling for about 25 years, this election is performed by the authorities of the municipality.

Two referees officiate in Kirkpinar wrestling. The referee who rules the wrestling on grass is called as field referee and the referee on the tower is called as tower referee.

Again, it is a custom that the tower referee is chosen among the wrestlers. The wrestlers who have not been champion cannot take place among the tower referees. This is the tradition. But in recent years, two members of the Wrestling Federation take place among the tower referees elected by the municipality. These members are usually lightweight wrestlers.

For not letting sectionalism be, they should pick and choose the referees. The famous retired wrestlers from the regions such as Antalya, Sakarya, Samsun, Denizli which send wrestlers to Kirkpinar, become tower referee.

The referees are re-elected each year. Niyazi Güresen from Akhisar, Manisa and ismail Cefo from Antalya have been refereeing for more than 10 years.

Field Referees

In Kirkpinar, the referees who rule the wrestling contests are called as field referees. The field referee is responsible from making the contests pass fairly and telling the result of the contests to the tower referee.

Traditionally, field referees are not chosen among the champion wrestlers. Kirkpinar champion wrestlers are not charged as field referee traditionally. The field chief referee is chosen among steerage champions or steerage wrestlers. The other referees related to him are chosen among big middle, small middle and deck wrestlers.

The field referees rule the wrestling by sharing them between themselves. The drum and horn team can state a result which the field referee cannot see, and can announce it to the tower referee by shrilling.

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