The sale of the Title of Kirkpinar Agha and Announcement of the New Kirkpinar Agha

Towards the evening of the third day of the oil wrestling tournament, the Kirkpinar Agha gives a lamb to the middleman, and middleman carries this lamb in his lap around the field announcing the auction for the next year's Kirkpinar Agha title. After this announcement, persons who want to be next year's Kirkpinar Agha attend the auction. In the past, this auction is held among village aghas. Auction lasted for a while, and money was not paid by the winner of the auction as it is today. This is a tradition. Actually, who will become the Kirkpinar Agha was decided earlier. Finally, a village Agha decided to be Kirkpinar Agha becomes the next year's Kirkpinar Agha. The lamb was taken in front of the new Kirkpinar Agha and left there. The announcement of the next year's Kirkpinar Agha is declared in this manner. The new Kirkpinar Agha goes to the old Kirkpinar Agha’s tent. They congratulate each other. They wish success and blessings for each other. At the same time, drums, drummers and shrill pipe players walk in a formation towards the tent of the new Kirkpinar Agha. Middleman, field-man, water serving men and oil-men walk behind drummers and shrill pipe players towards the tent of new Kirkpinar Agha. The new Agha gives tips to all those people, and they return to their places by playing their instruments.


In the past Kirkpinar tournaments, in the third day of Kirkpinar tournament after completion of the matches, a former Kirkpinar Agha hosted an Islamic memorial service and arranged the circumcision of boys from surrounding villages. Kirkpinar oil wrestling tournament was being closed in this manner.

There were buying and selling of goods in Kirkpinar in the past. Livestock sellers coming from Istanbul, Thrace and Anatolia were meeting in Kirkpinar and selling their livestock.

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