The start of the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Tournament and Horse Racing

The first day was reserved for entertainment. Yoruk (the name given to horses owned by people who migrate from plato to plato in search of grazing land for their livestock) races, donkey and sack races were being held in the oil wrestling field.


Although Yoruk races are similar to today's horse racing, these were long-range races. The range of these Yoruk horse races is almost six hours starting from Kara agac village of Edirne and railway bridge to the Kirkpinar. Yoruk horses start the race from Railway Bridge. An arrangement is set up in order to announce the approaching Yoruk horses to the Kirkpinar. This arrangement is in the form of setting up a spotter in Hisar tepe area of Samona village. When the Yoruk horses approached to the Samona village, the spotter in Hisar tepe starts to wave the flag in his hand. People coming to Kirkpinar on foot, horse carriages or horses immediately open the road for the passage of Yoruk horses after seeing the flag being waved by the spotter.

When the Yoruk horses approached the Kirkpinar, a line simulating the end of the race is set up. Horses passing this line win their degrees according to their order of passing this line. Horses and their jokers are awarded with awards and bonuses by the Agha of Kirkpinar.

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