The Wrestler Guide

The wrestlers to join into the wrestling contests need to know the rules and the regulations about the wrestling.


The wrestlers to join the greased wrestling contests must have their licenses. For the juniors the medical certificate is enough. The licenses are vised every year. The ones who are providently brought to The Discipline Committee, who are penalized and got their licenses revocation cannot wrestle anywhere until their penalties have ended. For 15 year old wrestler, their picture must be on their certificates of birth. The ones over 40 years cannot join the wrestling.

The wrestlers who are 40 years old can wrestle in the first class category, traditional, local or Kirkpinar wrestling according to the decision of The Central Arbitration Committee.

The Greased Wrestling Contest Regulations

First Section

Aim, Scope, Basis and Definitions


Article 1:
The aim of these regulations is to guarantee that the greased wrestling which serves as a source to the wrestling on mat will be performed under the rules.


Article 2:
These regulations include the arbitraments which set the related procedures and the basis about the duty, authority and their responsibilities, technical game, travel ratios and the reward in all the greased wrestling organizations to be held on the country level by Turkish Wrestling Federation.


Article 3:
The regulations are set on the basis of the article 10 of The Law about The Organization and Jurisdiction No: 3283 of The Youth and Sports Department.


Article 4:
This declares that:

Head Office: The Youth and Sports Department,

Federation: Turkish Wrestling Federation,

Referee Committee: Turkish Wrestling the Greased Wrestling Central Arbitration Committee,

Action Committee: The top committee of the greased wrestling committees,
Science and Training Committee: The greased wrestling training committee,

Technical Committee: The greased wrestling technical committee,

Health Committee: The greased wrestling health committee,

Federation Organization Committee: The organization committee which provides the national and the international greased wrestling contests,

Region Organization Committee: The committee which is established by the committees organizing the greased wrestling,

Representative: The person, who represents Turkish Wrestling Federation in the contest,

Youth and Sports Provincial Chairman: The governor,

Youth and Sports County Commissioner: The district governor,

Agha: The person, who undertakes the spiritual patronage of the organization to be arranged,

Announcer: The person, who introduces the wrestlers according to their categories by telling poems,

Local Organizations: The organizations to be held periodically by the organizations,

First Class Organizations: The organizations to be held every 3 years,

Traditional Organizations: The organizations which are held every 5 years and advance to the traditional ones,


Second Section

Certificate of Authority

The certificate of Authority arranging the greased wrestling, the Declaration and the Written Contract

Article 5:
The public organizations, The city halls, Socially Serving Clubs, The unions, The Anniversary Celebrations, The Committees holding Feasts can organize the greased wrestling contests within the framework of the provisions of The Regulations provided that They have to get The Certificates of Authority for the greased wrestling organizations from Turkish Wrestling Federation. The political parties and their other branches cannot organize the greased wrestling contests.

a) In the case that more than one artificial people who have consulted to Turkish Wrestling Federation through the channel of The Youth and Sports Provincial Managers demand for organizing, The Federation is authorized for the choice and the determination.

1) Turkish Wrestling Federation gathers every year on December to set the dates of the greased wrestling organizations and the certificate of authority are received from The Federation by the related organization committee on January.

2) The applications for Historical Kirkpinar, the first class and the local class wrestling are done to The Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate at least 30 days before the contests. It is obliged that the applications with the needed documents shall be sent to The Federation. Otherwise, there cannot be any contests.

3) Within the period of the historical Kirkpinar greased wrestling, no certificate of authority shall be given to any organizations in Turkey.

4) For the wrestling contests to be done in the village wedding feast, the permission from the related The Youth and Sports Provincial Managers is enough. In these weddings feast, there cannot be any ticket selling and agha selection. The assigned referees are charged by the provincial referee committee or the provincial wrestling representative and are informed to The Federation.

5) In the same provinces, two or more traditional organizations cannot be got permission. The authorized one to give the certificates of authority for the first class or local organizations is The Federation.

b) On the basis of the total of the monetary rewards for the wrestlers in the greased wrestling organization while the application for the certificate of authorized is being done, the 10 per cent of that money is paid into the account of The Federation. It is obliged that the receipt, as attached to the application paper for the certificate of authority, is presented. But, the paid money cannot be cut from the monetary rewards. The rewards of the local, the first class and the traditional wrestling are reported to The Provincial Managers every year. 10 per cent of the total of the monetary rewards of Kirkpinar is paid into the account of The Youth and Sports Provincial Managers.

Those who demand for the certificate of authority have to give the documents below.

1) The permission paper of The Youth and Sports Provincial Managers (3 copies)
2) The written contract (3 copies)
3) The reward table (3 copies)
4) The bank receipt (3 copies)

The Types of Organizations:

Article 6:
The types of the greased wrestling contests are given below:

a) The local organizations are held within the year.

b) The first class organizations are held every 3 years. The organizations which will get the traditional or first class organizations status without filling their time can be done with the decision of The Federation Central Referee Committee. The existence of the technical opportunities is considered.

c) The traditional organizations are held at least every 5 year.

Third Section

The Duties and Authorizations of the Board of Directors of Turkish Wrestling Federation

Article 7:
There listed below the duties and authorizations of the board of directors of Turkish Wrestling Federation related to the greases wrestling:

a) In the necessary cases, drawing proposals of The Greased wrestling regulations,

b) Investigating the applications for the greased wrestling organizations, if they are found all right, giving the certificates of authority, determining the criteria in the necessary cases.

c) By sending the representative to the greased wrestling organizations, monitoring the arbitraments, helping the organization committee and giving the final report,

d) The monitoring the procedures for the referee and the wrestler which are received by The board of Penalty,

e) Evaluating the proposal of The Referee Committee and concluding,

f) Controlling the appropriateness of the announcers’ announce and attributes to the public morality and the fair play,



The Board of Directors of Federation may attorn partially or wholly the duties and authorizations related with The Regulations to The Action Committee approved by The General Manager.

The Duties and Authorizations of the Observer Referee

Article 8:
The Observer Referee is charged by The Federation and there listed below the duties and authorizations of the observer referee:

a) Reporting about The Field and Tower referees,

b) Inspecting the attires of the referees according to the regulations,

c) Make the reports which are written in the contests to be sent to The Federation

The Duties and Authorizations of the Representative

Keeping the organization as they should be,

b) Keeping the contest appropriate for The Regulations and helping the organization,

c) Presenting the lacks and difficulties to occur in the contest to The Federation by reporting,

d) Holding meeting with the referees charged in the organizations committee and the contest and other charged people, taking the precautions to keep the contest to be performed successfully,

e) And the representative of The Federation will give the agha increase money to Turkish Wrestling Federation.

The Selection of Agha at the Greased Wrestling Organizations and His Duties

Article 9:
The selection of agha and the bidding charges are stated below:

a) The selection of agha custom might be carried on as undertaking the financial supporter and the spiritual bearer in the organizations. The selection of the agha is carried out by the corporate that will hold the organization via public auction a year after the finals of the head wrestling. Agha is the natural member of the organization.

b) 5 per cent of the public auction for the local and first class traditional wrestling and 10 per cent of the public auction for Kirkpinar wrestling will be put into the account of The General Management by agha at least 2 months later. In cases these conditions are not set, the attribution as agha will be cancelled.

c) The permission for the organizations which have not given any the agha saving money to hold organizations again will be given provided that the agha saving money are paid into the account before the wrestling organization at the same year.

d) The certificate of authority will not be given to the owner of the organization which did not pay the agha saving money.

e) The representative of The Federation gets the agha saving money and brings to the Turkish Wrestling Federation.

The Duties and the Dress of the Announcer

Article 10:
The announcer is the person who presents the wrestlers according to their sizes by reciting traditional poems. At any rate, the announcer cannot recite any poems which are humiliating and dishonorable. In the field of contest, there is no chance to be given for advertising of the political parties. The politicians who come to watch the wrestling are announced without their law names.

After the matching in the field of the greased wrestling the announcer makes the announcements to the wrestlers and the spectators relying on the directions of the tower referee. He cannot sell any picture and collect any money. Those who do not obey the rules are sent to The Board of Penalty and are not assigned until their penalties are over. They dress the folklore clothes which The Federation determines. They announce along the directions of the action committee. The announcer has to get The Federation ID card. Those without ID card are not assigned.

The Clothes of the Drummer and the Horn Player

Article 11:
In the traditional, First Class and Local wrestling, folkloric clothes of the region are primal. It is important that these clothes should be different from the ones of the announcer.

The Organization Committee

Article 12:
The organization Committee is formed by at least 5 judicial people who have given a written notice to the local civil chief and have the certificate of authority from The Federation. The chairman of this committee is chosen among this committee. This committee is obliged to be formed except the wedding feasts.

In these organizations, the invitation protocol bases are being executed under the control of the local civil chief.

The Rules and Duties

Article 13:
In the greased wrestling activity, there are Action, Science and Training, Technical, Health and Organizations committees. Each committee consists of at least 5 people to be appointed by The Chairman of Federation and chooses a chairman among themselves.

The duties of the committees are these;

a) The Action Committee is the most authorized organ which is taking the decision relating to the greased wrestling in the behalf of The Federation Board of Directors. The Action Committee coordinates the committees stated in The Regulations, controls them, takes the required precautions and directs then. Moreover; it determines the sportsmen to be sent to the organizations abroad and the directors, the other assigned people.

b) The Science and Training Committee detects the every kind of needs related with the greased wrestling, prepares the scientific and educational media.

c) The Technical Committee holds a consultation with the greased wrestling, delivers conflicting opinions about the technical issues.

d) The Health Committee helps the sportsmen with their drawbacks and requires supports for their treatments. It studies about the nourishment of the sportsmen, determines the medicines that the sportsmen can use and informs the sportsmen about the doping as studying about it.

e) The Organization Committee makes the complete preparations of the aids which are required for the field of wrestling and the greases wrestling and which are stated in The Regulation, takes the precautions which help the press members assigned for the wrestling do their job properly and help the spectators see the contest without any handicap. It obtains the sings and the special clothes for the press members and prevents the press members’ form going to the moors; it helps the greased wrestling organizations, controls the local organizations committee, considers the demands for the certificates of authority and carries studies about the organizations to be held abroad.

f) The Federation Organization Committee decides the dates of the national and the international contests, and ensures the contest to be performed properly and helps the organizations committees.

Section 4

The Field of Wrestling

The Field of Wrestling and Arrangement

Article 14:
It is obliged that the field of wrestling has to be arranged under the control of The Youth and Sports Provincial or County Management and The Representative of The Federation complying with the rules and the conditions.

a) The field of wrestling has grass ground and is in 30 m X 30 m dimensions away from the spectators and is surrounded with the rope or wire.

b) There are the health equip, ambulance or a special vehicle for the same purpose in the field of the wrestling.

c) For the greased wrestling the olive oil with 1.5 degree acid is maintained.

d) There is covered changing room secured for the wrestlers.

e) Near the field of wrestling the bathing place is maintained. If necessary, there is to reserve spaces in Turkish bath.

f) There are spaces for the wrestlers waiting for the contest.

g) For the tower referees, a space where they can see the field of wrestling fully is reserved from the middle of one corner of the field of wrestling. Those who are not assigned cannot seat near them. The tower has at least 2 meter high. And in the tower those who are assigned for registration and the announcer take place. The sound system is supplied.

The Field Commissary

Article 15:
The enough number of the field commissaries is appointed by the organization committee in the local wrestling, in the traditional and firs class organizations, the representative tower referee of The Federation is appointed by the chairman of the organization committee. The field commissary cooperates with the authorized people of the organization and the security police in order to ensure the press members to be at right places prevent spectators from intruding into the field, keep the organization in order and under discipline, and ensures the reward ceremony. He is acting under the directions of the tower head referee. He is paid the same as the referee.

Section Five

The License and the Registration Procedure

The Necessity of the License and the Participation in the Greased Wrestling

Article 16:
The wrestlers to participate in the greased wrestling must have the licenses. For the little, the doctor report and the parent assent are enough. The licenses are visaed very year. The ones who are sent to The Penalty Board as advised, the one of whose licenses are canceled cannot wrestle anywhere until their penalties are over. It is a must that the 15 year old wrestlers have to put their pictures on their id cards.

The Registration Procedures of the Wrestlers, the Medical Examinations and the Selection of the Categories

Article 17: The registration procedures, the medical examinations and the selection of the categories of the wrestlers are committed as below.

a) The wrestlers to join in the greased wrestling contest are registered by giving their license to the organization committee enrolment office. The categories of the wrestlers are selected by the assigned tower head referee. The registration, determining the selection of the categories and the medical examinations are completed 2 hours before the contests.

b) The ones who are confirmed that they have skin illnesses in preventing degree and have physical problems by the doctor cannot join in the contest.

c) The ones who are confirmed as not qualified to wrestlers by the referee who are selecting the categories cannot wrestle. The criteria such as failing long time in the contests, getting so fat and bulky, having long nails are considered while the referees are using their rights to determine.

d) The one should not be over 40 year to wrestle in the local, first class, traditional and Kirkpinar wrestling. The wrestlers in their 40th ages may be allowed to wrestle in the local, first class, traditional and Kirkpinar wrestling with decision of The Central Arbitration Committee as taking the consideration of the degrees and performances that the wrestlers achieved last 2 years.

Section Six

The Provisions about the Categories

The Heights and the Categories for the Wrestlers

Article 18:
In the greased wrestling organizations, there are two types applications as one of then is the traditional wrestling and the other one is the local and the first class wrestling:

a) The Heights which The Federation announces in January every year are arranged as below:

1- Little One,
2- Little Two,
3- Encouraging,
4- Very Windy,
5- Deck Small,
6- Deck Middle,
7- Deck Big,
8- Small Middle Small,
9- Small Middle Big,
10- Middle Big,
11- Steerage,
12- Head.

b) In the local wrestling the heights are arranged as below:

1- Little,
2- Encouraging,
3- Very Windy,
4- Deck,
5- Small Middle,
6- Big Middle,
7- Steerage,
8- Head.

In case there are so many wrestlers in the small middle and the deck heights, these heights are divided with the decision of the arbitration committee and the organization committee. Deck Small, Deck Big Middle Small and Small Middle Big.

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