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The Wrestler Guide (Part 2)

Section Six

The Provisions about the Categories

Height and the Age Assessment

Article 19: For the selection of the heights and the assessments of the ages of wrestlers to participate in the greased wrestling contest, the bases below are committed:

a) Little is divided into two parts according to the weight and the appearance:
1- Little (8-10 age)
2- Little (10-12 age)

b) Encouraging
12-14 ages

c) Very Wind
14-16 ages

d) Deck Small
1- 16-18 ages
2- 2 years of experience
3- Maximum 70 kg

e) Deck Middle
1- 18-19 ages
2- Maximum 80 kg

f) Deck Big
1- Over 19-21
2- Maximum 90 kg

g) Small Middle Small

h) Small Middle Big

i) Big Middle

j) Steerage

k) Head

l) If the experienced wrestlers over 21 have weight under 65 kg, with the decision of the arbitration committee they can only wrestle in the deck big.

In Kirkpinar wrestling, the champion of the steerage goes up to head. The winner and the latter of the other height go up to next height in Kirkpinar wrestling.
In the Big wrestling and in 96 and 120 kg, those who were ranked within first three degree in the world contest and the Olympics, those who became the champion of the free style and Greco-Roman wrestling and the youths who became the champion of the free style wrestling as 120 kg in World and Europe contest and the wrestlers to be selected for the national team by The Federation Technical Committee can wrestle in Head after getting permission from The Federation.

Section Seven

The Contest Drawing Lots -Matching Method and Basics

Article 20:
The drawing lots and matching are committed as below:

a) It is coercible that the numbers are drawn form the bag inside of which cannot be seen on the process of drawing.

b) For all of the heights the drawings are done at the firs tour. In Kirkpinar, for head, steerage and big middle, the drawings are done at every tours. In the traditional, first class and local wrestling; the drawings of the steerage and the lower heights are done with lots numbers at first tour. (In the wrestling which The Greased Wrestling Action Committee or The Central Arbitrary Committee are decided, for the first 16 wrestling, the drawings are done at every tours).

Except the wrestling lasting two or three days, the time of the wrestling are decided by The Federation representative, the tower head referee and the field head referee in Kirkpinar, the first class, traditional and the local wrestling.

Namely, they come like 4-8-16-32-64 and 128. (If there are 27 people in the heights, 22 of them wrestle, 5 of them get through and the second tour starts with 16 wrestlers). Because that they want the semi final and final contests very hot; the drawings are executed considering the regions. On the drawings, the numerator is used.

In Kirkpinar wrestling, the first and the second of the steerage and the first, second and third of the other heights wrestle in the next heights.

The wrestlers who failed to go up to next heights are sent to next heights with the decision of The Greased Wrestling Action Committee or The Central Arbitrary Committee considering the performance of the wrestlers within the year. (In the steerage wrestling, the decision of The Central Arbitrary Committee is not executed.)

The gradation will be rearranged as the lower ranked wrestlers are moving to upper ranks with the decision of The Greased Wrestling Action Committee because of the doping and disqualifications in Kirkpinar, traditional, first class and local greased wrestling.

In Kirkpinar, traditional wrestling and the big organizations, the wrestler can wrestle in the same heights if they have already wrestled. The number of the wrestlers to have joined the organization and which heights the wrestlers will wrestle in can be changed by The Greased Wrestling Action Committee and The Central Arbitrary Committee due to the several organizations at the same dates and similar reasons.

c) In all of the heights, the warning stands till the end of the contest. The scoring system is consulted when the contest does not result. If the draw has not changed, the golden score application is consulted.

In the little and encouraging heights the time of the contest is 10 minutes, the time of the scoring is 4 minutes and the time of the golden score is 1 min. In the very windy, the time of the contest is 15 min, the time of the scoring is 4 min. the time of the golden score is 2 min. In the deck and small middle heights, the time of the contest is 25 min, the time of scoring is 5 min, and the time of the golden score is 2 min. In the big and the steerage heights, time of the contests is 30 min, of the scoring is 6 min, and of the golden score is 4 min. In the head the time of the contest is 40 min, of the scoring is 7 min and of the golden score is 5 min. In the length time one of the wrestlers wear a blue trotter tie and the other wears a red one.


In Kirkpinar and the daily wrestling which is 2 or 3 (not 1) days, at the first tour, according to the number of the wrestler, it goes as 4 and 4 times’. The wrestlers as A and B groups forms the first 16 wrestlers from the previous years as (A) group in the head, the steerage and big middle. The selection heights of those who will wrestle in stead of the wrestlers going up to next and who cannot participate is done the referees. The wrestlers are (B) groups apart from the others. In order to equalize the number of (A) group, the wrestlers from (B) group do wrestle among themselves at one tour.

The rules of the top of the line application and determining are these in Kirkpinar and 2-3 days wrestling:

1- The Wrestler with the Golden Belt
2- The Winner of Kirkpinar in the head height last 3 years
3- The wrestler who went to semi final in Kirkpinar previous year.

d) If the Referee Committee thinks fit, it has right to draw lots for the semi final in Kirkpinar and traditional wrestling.

e) In Kirkpinar, traditional, first class and the local wrestling every two wrestlers beaten by their rivals in the semi finals are declared to be 3rd in that height. As a result of that there is not 4th degree in the classman ranking. The ranking goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th.

f) In the scoring wrestling, the one who gets more score and give 3 warnings are declared as winner.

g) If within the scoring the time in the contest and in the length time the draw is the same, the attacks will be written down by the referees and the attacker wrestler will be declared as winner considering his attacks. Even in this case, if there is no result and the referees hesitate to decide, two tower referee, one field referee will declare the winner after looking at the scoring, at the normal time of the wrestling and the length time.

h) In the scoring wrestling, the one who gets more score and give 3 warnings are declared as winner.

i) In the normal time, the wrestler who gets 3 warning because of being passive and foul wrestling is declared as loser.

i) The warnings which he got before stand still in the scoring.

j) If the two wrestlers are disqualified with 3 warnings because of being passive or the foul wrestling, give in without any difficulty in the contest, or do not behave as sportsmen, they are sent to The Board of Penalty.

k) After the first tour, at any reason the number of the wrestlers in the heights has left , in the first drawing, he goes up to next tour according to his number.

l) In the heights where the drawings are done at every tour, the last number goes to the next tour.

The Daily Program of the Greased Wrestling

Article 21:
The wrestling which will be resulted in one day starts at 10:00 and it starts at 14:00 for 2-3 days wrestling. The starting time of the wrestling which will be done on the second and the third days is decided by the tower referee committee. The necessary things for resulting the wrestling before the sunset are taken and they procure to finish the wrestling before the sunset. In special cases, the wrestling starts at time which the tower head referee and the chairmanships of the directors of the organization.

Start of the Wrestling and Foreplay

Article 22:
After matching, the wrestling starts with small and encouraging wrestling or category wrestling. The wrestler who does not obey the invitation of the announcer or not come to the field is disqualified. The wrestler on the field has to wear his tights and tie his trotters. The greased wrestler lines up in single file near the field. The opponents join hands, listen to the wrestling prayer and begin foreplay.

Foreplay is one of the traditional characteristics and an important and indispensable practice of greased wrestling. It is done for 5 minutes in accordance with the customs and the traditional rules. The Organization Committee may award the best wrestler in foreplay.

Wrestling Contest and Leave

Article 23:
After matching, presentation prayer and foreplay, the rules of leave and wrestling time for the requirements such as greasing, drinking water and so on are below:

a) After the draw, the wrestlers cannot change their partners. The wrestler who changes his partner is announced as defeated and sent to the Board of Penalty.
b) During wrestling, unless the opponent and the field referee allow, the wrestler cannot go to the water, grease and cloth area. The leave cannot exceed one minute. It is one minute before the point wrestling as well.
c) The wrestler who performs the things such as greasing, drinking water, cleaning eye, tying trotter in order to delay and rest is warned. If he repeats, he is cautioned and if he insists on he is disqualified.

The Rules of Pointed Greased Wrestling

Article 24:
In pointed wrestling, the rules below are applied. The pointed wrestling contest starts with the referee whistle. The definition of the tricks to get one point is given below:

a) If the wrestler controls his opponent behind with any trick and if his two hands, one knee or two knees, one hand touch the ground, 1 point is given.
b) The wrestler who escapes into the audience without resisting with any trick is given 1 caution and his opponent is given 1 point.
c) Despite the warning of the referees, the wrestler who wrestles foul is given caution and his opponent is given point.
d) The wrestler who controls his opponent and brings him to the dangerous position is additionally given 1 point.

Banned Tricks and Movements

Article 25:
Banned tricks and movements are these:

a) To wait over the opponent by double embracing and spring traps and to continue it despite the warning of the referee,
b) To press on the backbone in base hold continuously,
c) To twist the ankle and wrist,
d) To twist the hand and foot joints,
e) To perform the shank bursting trick,
f) To do violin bow,
g) After defeating the opponent by lifting, to fell him on his head on purpose. In this case, because the banned movement is after the defeat, the result is announced. If it is necessary, the winner is disqualified because of this behaviour. If it happens in the final, the wrestler who does the banned trick cannot be the winner,
h) To put finger in the eye, ear and nose of the opponent,
i) To butt, to perform open hand neck, to slap, to strike and to kick the opponent,
i) Although the opponent release the trotter, to continue headlock. (Despite the warning of the field referee the wrestler who continues this movement can be disqualified. But the headlock with single arm is not a banned trick or movement).
j) To perform encircle (with lock piece of a yoke) headlock trick,
k) To try to take off the tights of the opponent by hand and foot,
l) To force on the belly of the opponent by pressing the pulley of the tights with foot,
m) In the pole trick, to wait for more than two minutes without any new trick. In this case, the referee raises him,
n) Not to obey the stop warning of the referee, to argue with the referee,
o) To try to fell the opponent openly by pushing him onto the audience, grease boiler or the other wrestlers on the field on purpose,
ö) To do unacceptable movements against the audience during the contest or after it,
p) Not to obey the decision of the referee, to talk to the opponent, to swear to the opponent, the referee and the administrators,
r) Not to wrestle seriously, to give up without being forced by the opponent, to continue the delaying wresting despite the warning of the referee, to interfere the progression of the contest or to leave the field without wrestling with his matched opponent. (Also, when being defeated in doubtful tricks such as to pull the opponent from the trotter pole, to defeated by bone from hold and embracing or to be defeated without difficulty, the wrestlers who are detected as throwing the game under the consultation of the Federation Representative, the field and tower referees and the referee supervisor are banned from the contests and sent to the Board of Penalty. These wrestlers cannot get any award).
s) To wear pants and shorts instead of wrestler’s tights on the field and among the audience and to change the tights in public.
þ) To swear to the referee and the opponent, to hit the opponent on purpose, to kick, to spit at the opponent ant the referee, to behave immorally. (The wrestler who continues the banned trick despite the warning of the referee is punished with disqualifying).
t) The wrestlers dress in the dressing rooms, the ones who do not behave in accordance with the sports’ morality are sent to the Directorate General the Board of Penalty.

The licensed greased wrestlers who are invited to the contests by the Federation have to attend and the wrestlers whose excuse is not accepted will be sent to the Board of Penalty.

The referees and the wrestlers who go abroad without the permission of the Federation are sent to the Board of Penalty.

The wrestler who performs the banned tricks above is warned. If he repeats, it is reported to the Federation for the penalty.

To Defeat in Greased Wrestling

Article 26:
Being defeated or falling openly happens if the belly looks up to the sky. Touching of the opponent’s shoulders on the ground is not necessary. The conditions to fall openly or be defeated are given below:

a) To move the elbows to the backward in a 90 degree angle while sitting and the feet are apart and shoring with two hands.
b) In sitting position, to move around himself by shoring with one hand and to shore the other hand on the other direction.
c) Touching of both elbows on the ground.
d) While one elbow touches the ground, the other hand’s shoring on the ground.
e) While wrestling on the ground and afoot, touching of the back on the ground by the trick of the opponent.
f) By lifting up the opponent, to walk 3 steps or to turn around himself.
g) To defeat by throat and putting the foot in front of the opponent.
h) Splitting or being untied of the trotter tie, coming apart or tearing of the tights to the knee is not considered as defeat. In that case the field referee pauses the wrestling and allows the wrestler to change his tights. This time cannot exceed 10 minutes. If the tights tear allowing the private parts to be seen, he is regarded as defeated.
i) During wrestling, if both wrestlers are defeated, the last wrestler doing tricks becomes the winner. In case of warning and objection, the field chief referee decides with the tower referees.

The Rules

The Clothing of the Wrestler on Field and Assigned People and the Materials Used

Article 27:
The clothing of the greased wrestler is tights. It is traditionally made out of leather. Sharp, metallic and ornamental objects do not exist on it, the trotter tie is made out of felt and leather and nylon cannot be used.

a) The field commissary has to wear one-type sweat suit.
b) The greasers and cloth men have to wear sweat suit. There should a writing stating their duties on their sweat suits. They can use only the logo of the organization they belong to.
c) No assigned person can have writing or a sign of advertisement on his clothing except the wrestler’s tights. The organization board does not commission the person as assigned who has advertisement. Otherwise, the penal rules of the Regulation are applied.
d) The wrestler’s selling picture and fund-raising are banned.
e) In order to bring wrestler in the basic facilities of mat wrestling in small category of greased wrestling, the wrestling will be karakucak and the wrestlers will wear coarse. The regions to wear coarse are given below:

1- Aegean Region, Mediterranean Region and Thrace Region; Little 1, Little 2, Encouraging, Very Windy.
2- Black Sea Region, Central Anatolia Region and Marmara Region; Little 1, Little 2, Encouraging, Very Windy, Deck, Small Medium.

The Conditions to Give or Take Back the License

Article 28:
The rules regarding the conditions not to give or take back the license and the administrators of the association of the organization are given below:

a) To give false and misleading advertisement and banner,
b) Not to take precautions to provide necessary order and security on the field of contest,
c) Not to pay, to pay lass or to compound the announced award and fare,
d) To advertise, to use the name and the pictures of the wrestlers without making a written agreement with the wrestlers by special invitation,
e) To allow the penalized wrestlers to wrestle by disregarding the one month – three months – five months of not wrestling penalty by the Board of Penalty,
f) Not to perform the greased wrestling ceremony and the formal procedures in this regulation,
g) To avoid from paying the obligatory expenses of the organization specified in this regulation,
h) To give license to the owner of the organization who does not give the agha payment.
i) To sell unauthorized and fake ticket in the wrestling organizations.

In the above conditions, the license is not given or taken back. The people performing these are sent to the Central Board of Penalty and legal proceedings are done by the Federation.

The Federation Representative and the Referee Fares

Article 29:
Whether the watching fee is taken or not in greased wrestling organizations, the fees have to be paid to the referees and the administrators attending the organization in the below conditions:

a) The travelling expenses, the travelling wages and the arbitration compensation are paid to the referees, representatives and assigned people by the Federation and the Central Board of Referee.
b) In local wrestling, the referee from local or from the nearest city is assigned.
c) Only the arbitration compensation is paid to the local referees. But also the travelling expenses are paid to the referees coming from boroughs.
d) The daily compensation for duty which will be paid to the referees, representatives and assigned people from out of the city by the Federation cannot be less than 15 times of the Government Officer travelling expense in historical Kirkpinar and all wrestling, 13 times in first class wrestling and 10 times in local wrestling.
e) The money which provides the fees of the referee representatives and the other assigned people is given as cumulative to the representative chosen by the Federation provided that it is paid to the right holders in consideration of their signatures.
f) The Wrestling Federation determines the travel fees every year based on the wrestlers placed in their categories in the Historical Kirkpinar wrestling in order to protect the mistreated wrestlers in small category and to help the organization committee. The travel fees of the wrestlers in the first eight of each category are determined by the Federation Administrative Board in accordance with the time’s conditions and submitted to the Provincial Directorates. The travel fees of the wrestlers will be determined and announced by the Federation Administrative Board every year. The wrestling licences of the organizers who do not obey these decisions will be invalidated.
g) The fee to be paid is based on the category of the wrestler; traditional, first class or local wrestling.

Criminal Judgments

Article 30:
If the wrestlers, referees and administrators perform the banned acts in this Regulation, they are sent to the Board of Penalty of General Directorate of Youth and Sports. This situation is submitted to the Federation by the tower referees and the tower chief referee with a written report. The written statements of the referee, wrestler and administrator are added on this report. If the administrators do not pay, pay partially or compound the fees and awards that they announce, their licenses are invalidated. The associations which are allowed by the civilian authority for the wrestling and which have an organization license by the Federation are assumed to have accepted all the responsibilities by this Regulation.

Last Judgments


Article 31:
This regulation becomes valid on the publishing date.


Article 32:
The rules of this regulation are put in force by the General Director of Youth and Sports.

1. 500 TL 1. 150 TL
2. 350 TL 2. 125 TL
3. 250 TL 3. 100 TL
4. 150 TL 4. 75 TL
5. 150 TL 5. 50 TL
6. 150 TL 6. 50 TL
7. 150 TL 7. 50 TL
8. 150 TL 8. 50 TL
TOTAL: 1.850 TL TOTAL: 650 TL

1. 75 TL 1. 60 TL
2. 60 TL 2. 55 TL
3. 50 TL 3. 50 TL
4. 40 TL 4. 45 TL
5. 40 TL 5. 40 TL
6. 40 TL 6. 40 TL
7. 40 TL 7. 40 TL
8. 40 TL 8. 40 TL

1. 50 TL 1. 45 TL
2. 45 TL 2. 40 TL
3. 40 TL 3. 35 TL
4. 35 TL 4. 30 TL
5. 30 TL 5. 25 TL
6. 30 TL 6. 25 TL
7. 30 TL 7. 25 TL
8. 30 TL 8. 25 TL

1. 40 TL 1. 35 TL
2. 35 TL 2. 30 TL
3. 30 TL 3. 27 TL
4. 25 TL 4. 25 TL
5. 20 TL 5. 20 TL
6. 20 TL 6. 20 TL
7. 20 TL 7. 20 TL
8. 20 TL 8. 20 TL

1. 30 TL 1. 15 TL
2. 25 TL 2. 15 TL
3. 22 TL 3. 15 TL
4. 20 TL 4. 15 TL
5. 20 TL 5. 15 TL
6. 20 TL 6. 15 TL
7. 20 TL 7. 15 TL
8. 20 TL 8. 15 TL

1. 15 TL 1. 15 TL
2. 15 TL 2. 15 TL
3. 15 TL 3. 15 TL
4. 15 TL 4. 15 TL
5. 15 TL 5. 15 TL
6. 15 TL 6. 15 TL
7. 15 TL 7. 15 TL
8. 15 TL 8. 15 TL

(This values are not up to date! You must look for the new amount of money on Edirne municipality official web page:
1 TL is 1 Turkish Liras monetary unit.
The organization committees can make an agreement in terms of the above fees. If the wrestlers who have not attend the Kirkpinar wrestling or have not placed in the first eight in Kirkpinar wrestling at that year have not been invited to the organization, their standard fees are left to the Organization Committee to judge.

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